Meet Nia

Nia Ridgle

Mental Health Therapist/ Holistic Wellness Coach

Nia Ridgle is a Bay Area native, Licensed Clinical Therapist, and Life Coach currently residing in San Jose, California. She used to struggle with depression but then embarked on a self-love journey to find the tools to lead a better lifestyle through professional help. She embraced that opportunity and began to use what she had learned to help others overcome their unhealthy habits and repeating cycles in a dogma-free space where everyone feels they are heard, not judged; that’s how Ridgle Consulting came to be founded, a mental health private practice that focuses on patients with mild to moderate mental health symptoms. Her events offer a safe space where participants, accompanied by big smiles and emotion, find someone with whom they can identify and expose themselves to develop new life tools and self-improvement skills. Nia holds a master’s degree in Social Sciences, has been a member of the historically African American Greek-lettered sorority, Delta Sigma Theta since 2010, and a volunteer for the Silicon Valley Black Leadership Kitchen Cabinet since 2018. Her extensive social work reflects her altruistic attitude and commitment to building social justice for those who have suffered from equality problems.