Restoring The Queen
Sister Healing Circle - Extended Program


Have you felt this deep urge inside yourself to be fully free and liberated to do the things you love but find yourself holding back?

My Sister Healing Circle rite of passage will transform your life.

Activate your fullest self-expression without judgment or fear of making a mistake you could possibly regret. 

You will embody anchoring inside yourself, creating freedom from dependency of others and validating your self-worth, so you can be your energetic full self. 

This will be a powerful experience. I can’t wait to explore life with you. — 

Join our extended Sister Healing Circle journey, starting January 4th, 2022. 

Once a month every 1st Tuesday 

Includes Yoga sessions

4-week fitness booty lifting-body sculpting fitness camp

Special healing techniques and meditation tools

Weekly 1-1 access to a therapist 

Revolutionary Healing Workbook


Now it’s time to actually take the leap towards your own initiation and sign up for the Rite of Passage into the Mature Feminine.

The Rite of Passage into the Mature Feminine is open for enrollment until Tuesday, December the 28th, 8 pm PST

There are only 5 spaces available, if you want to continue your healing journey secure your space today by emailing

Restoring The King

3 Month program helping Black Men navigate mental wellness

Our platform provides the resources, tools and community to uniquely position Black men to better understand their own mental health and how this affects their personal and professional lives.

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